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My background; I received my education in Liverpool, at a secondary school in Sefton Park with a Headmaster who set morning prayers to Wagner that we all had to sing, eventually proving very good for Edwin Roxburgh’s future career, then once a week a night of music, the Merseysippi Jazz Club at The Temple (pre the Cavern).

Painting and 3D construction studies at Hope Street, with the occasional lunch time Beatles gig for 1 shilling (10p) at the Cavern. A lot of study time spent at The Crack, The Philharmonic and Yates Wine lodge.
I started showing constructions and paintings at The Liverpool Academy shows at the Walker Art Gallery, The John Moores Contemporary Painting Competition and Liverpool University Architecture and Art Exhibitions.

Then somewhat briefly, I started a course in Architecture, Quentin Hughes broadened my view of the Victorian built environment and inspired me to look in detail at Richard Turner's great curved roof at Liverpool's Lime Street Station and to see the brutalism of pre-cast and poured concrete that was fashionably taught on the course then, many examples of this are now reduced to rubble. The tedium of the course work was more than I could take, I was much more excited by the theatre and the new fabric structures of Frei Otto in Stuttgart.

Bill Harpe, the choreographer/director, had bought two of my constructions, subsequently inviting me to design the stage set, lighting and projection for the production of Stravinsky’s ‘The Soldiers Tale’ conducted by John Carewe with members of The Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra at the Bluecoat Arts Centre.


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