Glastonbury Tor

On my return to England,
Glastonbury Tor

I was driving a delivery van I had borrowed to move a friend’s possessions to his parent's home in Swanage, aiding his departure to Australia to research a Locust outbreak.

Having unloaded and with nothing better to do I sat in the cab watching the stars reflected in the for once still sea. My meditation prompted me to drive North West.
Later a road sign, 7miles to Glastonbury!

I found myself at the foot of Glastonbury Tor at about midnight and on making a brew of tea on my Primus in the back of the van, I was surprised to see a group of freaks, big hats, long scarves and cloaks stumbling down the Tor path towards me with shrieks of laughter.

They introduced themselves as Andrew Kerr, James, a Radio Caroline DJ from New Zealand, Mark, Tony Andrews, Silva, Thomas Crimble, Nik Turner and others whose faces I remember but not their names.
I had the tea and oatcakes, they had the makings. They said that they were meeting a farmer the following day, Michael Eavis who had staged a small music event, ‘Worthy Farm Pop Festival’ some weeks before (1970.) A mutual friend, Dave Trippers who had been to the event, raved about the place, confirming what they had already heard. They wanted to rent a farm for a free festival the following year. They had all been so horrified by the steel fences and commercialism of the Isle of Wight Festival and wanted to do something very different.

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