Stage Centre

On the Friday evening I loaded up Andrew Kerr's possessions from Chiswick and set off to Pilton, arriving very late having got lost a number of times (no sat nav in those days) with no directions or even the name of the farm.
Slept in the cab at the foot of the Tor and succeeded in getting directions to the farm next morning. I had got so close the previous night, that I had knocked Michael Eavis's neighbour’s Hamstone gatepost down turning the van around in the night, I had given up trying to find the place. To placate him, Michael offered to have it rebuilt, much for my first meeting with Mr Eavis.

Having half unloaded, I had a mug of tea and slice of Jytte's macrobiotic toast and honey we set off, Andrew in the lead, walking down the fields to where he showed me the spot that he had dowsed for the centre of the stage.
A blind spring, good vibes man!
On looking back the way we had come, the farm building stood out on the hill's horizon looking a bit like the sketch I had with me. Back in the kitchen over more tea, I showed everyone the sketch from my dream and my pop up Pyramid Stage model.
This was greeted with "What has a pyramid to do with the Vale of Avalon?" from Andrew and parroted by some of the group. Caetano Veloso Gilberto Gil’s friend, both exiles from Brazil, suggested a Giant Tipi but that did not lend itself to an "off the shelf hire component solution" or relate to the Vale of Avalon any more than my Pyramid Stage.

Pyramid Earth and Moon

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