Dramatis Personae

Geoff Allison. Structural engineer.
Tony Andrews. Creator of the 360’ Festival SoundField experience, founder of Tubosound and Funktion one, renowned designers and manufacturers of the highest quality sound reinforcement equipment.
Jim Barton. Playwright and author, married Arabella Spencer Churchill.
Jean Bradbery. Festival fund raiser and driving force in squashing the proposed Night Assembly Bill 1971
John Carewe. Conductor, former teacher at The Royal Academy of Music and mentor to Simon Rattle.
Julian Carlyon. Homeopath and Author.
Dr. Zee Charnoe. Physicist, Writer.
Peter Cheeseman. Founding Director of the Victoria Theatre in the Round, Stoke-on-Trent.
Arabella Churchill. Organiser and part funder for the 1971 festival, Founder of the Children’s World charity 1981, Director of Revelation Staging, Director and driving force in the ‘Year of the Child Festival ‘1979.
John Coleman. Writer, Stage manager, ex Director of Revelation Records, and Revelation Staging.
Thomas Crimble, Organiser for the 1971 festival, was guitarist with Hawkwind, Skin Alley and Nik Turner’s Space Ritual band.
Keith Critchlow, Professor of architecture and a leading expert in sacred architecture and geometry.
Kate DeBurke, Marketing Consultant.
Dr. John Dee (1527-c1608) famous Alchemist, Mathematician, Astronomer and Astrologer; he was also an advisor to Queen Elizabeth I.
Jeff Dexter, 60’s DJ led the way, started the 'Implosion' events at the Roundhouse with co producer Ian Knight.
Michael Eavis. Dairy farmer who organized the first Pilton Pop Festival in 1970 on his farm and has since hosted The Glastonbury Festival.
Mark Fisher. Architect and production designer for entertainment.
Graham Frood. Joined Merseyside’s Left Theatre in the 1930s. Founded the Merseyside Unity Theatre. He was an inspiration and involved with Unity Theatre until his death in 2003
Jo Gannon. Film and studio sound engineer.
Nicholas Georgiadis. Painter, stage and costume designer.
Gilberto Gil. Brazilian songwriter, singer guitarist. Exiled by Military regime, spent his exile in England and after his return to Brazil subsequently became Minister of Culture.
Bill Harkin. Stage Designer of The Pyramid stage of Light, Artist, Designer of lightweight demountable architecture, stage and event design.
Bill Harpe, Choreographer/Director, founder with his wife Wendy The Blacke Liverpool, a world of possibilities in one building. Gallery, Cafeteria, Theatre space, Workshop area, launched in 1968 as the U.K.'s first community arts project.
Roger Heighton. Stage carpenter and wise man on a good day.
Quentin Hughes. Professor of Architecture, he was made an Honorary Research Fellow of Liverpool University,
Sean Kenny. Architect and Theatre designer.
Andrew Kerr. Organised the Glastonbury Festival 1971. Horticulturist and Writer.
Ian Knight. Stage designer and stage director, co producer with Jeff Dexter of the 'Implosion' events at the Roundhouse.
Stephen Joseph. Founded the first theatre in the round in Britain. Scarborough.
Sy Litvinoff. Producer of “A Clockwork Orange”, “Walkabout” and “Glastonbury Fayre” to mention a few.
John Lundsten. Film and studio sound engineer.
Guru Maharahji. Leader of the Divine Light Mission and The Prem Rawat Foundation.
Katharine Maltwood. Sculptress and antiquarian. Discovered the Glastonbury Zodiac in the surrounding landscape.
John Massara. "Light show artist, Show production designer and creative director for Stanley Baker’s The Great Weston Express Festival 1972 Lincolnshire.
Thomas Lackenby Maughan. Chief Druid Teacher and one of Britons most influential modern homeopaths."
John Michell. Author of numerous books, including Flying Saucer Vision, The View over Atlantis and The City of Revelation.
Paul Misso. Film and unique event Photographer.
Frei Otto. German Architect and structural engineer. The world's leading authority on lightweight tensile and membrane structures.
Jonathan Park. Scenographic designer.
David Puttnam. Film Producer. The Duellists, The Killing Fields, The Mission, to name but a few.
Sid Rawle, Leader and guru of the diggers and led the Rainbow people cult.
Nic Roeg. Film Director. ”Don’t Look Now” “Walkabout” “The Man Who Fell to Earth ”and “Glastonbury Fayre71” to mention a few.
Edwin Roxburgh, Conductor, composer, oboist and teacher.
Isaac Tigrett. Founder of Hard Rock Café and House of Blues Foundation.
Dave Trippers. Poet and writer.
Roger Tuffts, Designer and builder.
Nik Turner. Flautist, Creator of Turner's Band Space Ritual.
Richard Turner. (1798-1881) Irish founder, iron- designer and manufacturer of glasshouses.
Caetano Veloso. Brazilian composer, singer, guitarist, writer and political activist.
Alfred Watkins. Amateur archaeologist, antiquarian and author. Published Early British Trackways. The Old Straight. Track and The Ley Hunter's Manual.
Harry Williamson.Acoustician, Musician, producer, inventor and stage rigger.
Michael Wolff. Michael Wolff and Wally Olins founded Wolff Olins brand consultancy 1965.

My apologies for the un-named helpers and revellers.