Photographs by

Paul Misso Film stills photographer

HOME Top right: Pyramid stage model

THE CLADDING Top right: The Pyramid stage cladding begins
Bottom right: 10Kw light

THE BUILD CONTINUES Top right: Cladding nears completion
Bottom right: Nic, Sy and film crew

FIELD ARCHITECTURE Top right: Zee’s dome erection underway

THE STAGE LOAD IN Bottom left: Jim Barton back stage
Bottom right: Nic and Sy leaving the stage

FOOD GLORIOUS FOOD Top: Cowshed indoor kitchen
Middle: Outdoor kitchen
Bottom: Kikan, John Massara and Dr.Zee

LOOKING DOWN THE VALLEY Top: Arabella Churchill
Bottom: The Pyramid Stage of Light
(the fold out record sleeve of Revelation Records
triple of the Glastonbury Festival 1971)