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Iconic 'Pyramid Stage of Light' Image.
June 2020 marks the 49th year since the birth of the Pyramid Stage at the Glastonbury Festival in the Vale of Avalon.

'Pyramid Stage of Light'

In celebration of this we have available the very collectable 36" x 24" reprographic print of Paul Misso's memorable photograph of the iconic 'Pyramid Stage of Light' taken in 1971. This image was used as the folded sleeve cover for the very rare commemorative Triple Album of the Festival, originally released in 1972, to be re-released next year as a re-mastered CD and a commemorative vinyl triple set complete with the original Barney Bubbles print inserts.

Unsigned £40.00 p&p £12.00

A limited edition of 250 numbered and signed, by both the photographer Paul Misso and Bill Harkin, who conceived and designed the stage as a Pyramid of Light.
Price £80.00 p&p. £12.00

Printed on 100% chlorine-free paper with
vegetable dyes.

The first 150 copies of ‘The Pyramid of Light’ poster purchased will receive a copy of Barney Bubbles original Electric Score with an A2 side of photographs of the Bands on the inside of the album insert.

Barney Bubbles  Electric Score  with an A2 side of photographs of the Bands

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